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Strength & Conditioning Training

Strength and conditioning training takes place at Chatham South School every Monday night, from 6.30pm until 8pm.  Follow the link for a map - the carpark entrance is off Park Crescent rather than Letchworth Avenue.


Sessions comprise of a mixture of techniques focussing on speed and power.  To improve these areas, a mixture of plyometric training, speed agility and quickness drills, and traditional strength exercises are used.


Vital equipment for these sessions comprises of:
Proper training shoes, ideally cross-trainers
Clothing (including underwear) which provides proper support and allows full freedom of movement
A drink


There are no age or fitness limits imposed on this session.  However, it is aimed at athletes of secondary school age and upwards, and any doubts about your fitness must be addressed by a health professional before you begin to exercise.




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Last Updated: 08 October, 2010 21:25