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Initial consultations are free and a vital part of the process.  They allow us to meet, size each other up and analyse your needs and available space compared with my skills and equipment.  There is no obligation to buy sessions at an initial consultation!

The pricing scheme is designed to reflect the one-on-one nature of the session you receive, similar to sessions with personal trainers at old style gyms.  Any price you are quoted with in a face-to-face meeting with myself will remain valid for 10 sessions or 10 weeks, depending upon whether you elect to start training immediately or delay your starting date.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour, and comprises of a warm-up and a cool-down.  From experience, most clients begin to notice a significant difference if they complete at least 3 training sessions per week...

HOWEVER that doesn't necessarily mean three sessions with me, dependent on your life style and motivation!

Rewarding your work…

For individual sessions:

1 session per week £30.00
2 sessions £55.00
3 sessions £80.00
4 sessions £100.00
5 sessions £115.00


1 person £30
Invite a friend along to one of your sessions at the cost of half the session. + 1 friend £45
Invite a second friend to one of your sessions at the cost of a third of the session. + 2 friends £55
And so on ... + 3 friends £62.50

Paying couldn't be easier...

I can accept cash or cheques as initial payment options, and once a relationship has been established I'm happy to organise standing orders or internet transfers if you prefer these methods.


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